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This discography was started by H. Takahashi who gave me a copy in Tokyo in 1989.  I’ve been keeping it up to date since then.   The earliest recording, March 1963, Vintage Dolphy is an example of how things often happen.  The session was recorded by Gunther Schuller for his own archives and much later found its way to ENJA and publication.



Discographical Sources

Compiled by H. Takahashi and Barre Phillips

Walter Bruyninckx - 60 Years of Recorded Jazz

Tsugio Kamimura - Jazz Record Book;  Free Jazz

Ume Reichardt - Like a Human Voice; The Eric Dolphy Discography

Hugo de Craen & Eddy Janssens -  Marion Brown Discography

Gustave Cerutti - John Tchicai On Records

Michael Frohne -  Subconscious-Lee

Barre Phillips Archives

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